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Our New York Employment Attorneys handle all types of employment law cases on behalf of employees and individuals throughout New York State and New York City.

We focus on cases of discrimination, harassment, overtime violations and whistleblower lawsuits. Our NYC Labor Attorneys also oversee the review and negotiation of severance agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and all other New York employment contracts.

Our New York City Employment Lawyers concentrate on representing individuals in claims against companies that violate New York Employment Laws. We have the talent and resources to litigate against the largest companies and law firms. Our New York City employment attorneys have been included in the NY Super Lawyer’s Rising Stars List. They have also been named to various lists identifying some of the best employment lawyers.

Discriminated Against?

New York Discrimination AttorneyOur New York Discrimination Attorneys handle all types of workplace discrimination cases including, age discrimination, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual orientation or gay discrimination, and all other forms of discrimination protected by NY Labor Laws.

Entitled to Severance Pay?

New York Severance AttorneysOur New York Severance Attorneys are well versed in the review of severance agreements and the laws of NY and NYC. We have reviewed hundreds of severance agreements on behalf of employees throughout New York. We provide a flat-fee for the review and negotiation of severance agreements. We also assist employees in all other types of NY employment agreements.

Been Harassed?

New York Harassment Law

Our New York Harassment Attorneys work hard to represent employees who may have been impacted. Harassment based on sex, race, or religion is against the law in New York and includes both verbal and physical actions in the workplace. Protect yourself against a hostile work environment and take action.

We provide prompt evaluation of cases and cost-effective representation. You will appreciate Castronovo & McKinney’s culture, and the insights we provide regarding recent developments and trends in the complex landscape of employment law. We streamline communications and deliver efficient and effective customer service. Our NYC Employment Lawyers bring a wealth of experience to the field of employment law that protects our clients from disruption of their lives that can result from lengthy litigation.

Both Tom McKinney and Paul Castronovo have been awarded accolades and are recognized to be among the best employment lawyers in New York. In addition to being recognized as “Rising Stars” by Super Lawyers they’ve been named in Corporate International Magazine and listed on top lists of lawyers in both NY and NJ.

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Labor Attorneys navigate employment law for New York employees.

NY Employee Rights

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal legislation that prescribes a specific course of conduct employers must follow. If you’re a salaried employee your company may not have to pay you overtime, but if you’re an hourly employee they must. Employers must pay you for breaks you take during the day, and in some cases provide you with vacation and other benefits.

In many industries workers are sometimes misclassified as managers or executives. Certain employers do this to avoid paying workers overtime. Has your employer given you the title of executive or manager, but you have no authority to hire, fire, and possess no authority in respect to the decision-making process towards the work that you’re doing? If so, and you’re not being paid overtime your employer may be in violation of federal law. You may be entitled to compensation for all of the hours that you had worked in the capacity of manager or an executive in excess of 40 hours per week.

If you’re faced with a situation where your employer does not pay you for the time you spend putting on protective clothing, setting up machinery, or preparing specialized equipment that you need to perform your tasks you may be entitled for compensation for hours related that work. It’s important to know what your rights are in accordance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act because you may be entitled to compensation if your employer has violated the federal labor standards act.

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