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Manhattan Employment AttorneysMost Manhattan residents spend the better part of many of their days or evenings in the workplace. When you enjoy your boss and coworkers, like the work you do and believe you are paid fairly, the time you dedicate to your livelihood seems like a fair trade. However, if you are treated unjustly, don’t receive compensation to which you are entitled, or are subjected to taunts and ridicule from supervisors or other employees, this can become an intolerable nightmare. The good news is that you don’t have to tolerate it! Employment law protects you from unlawful treatment and violation of your rights at work. Castronovo & McKinney, Manhattan Employment Attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that employees in Manhattan and the surrounding area receive justice, and fair and lawful treatment on the job and in their labor and employment transactions.

About Manhattan Employment Law

Manhattan, New York and federal employment law does not protect employees from all unfair and unjust behavior in the workplace. It only provides legal rights for unlawful treatment. This typically covers discrimination against a protected class, breach of an oral or written agreement and violation of local, state and federal law, administrative rules and the like. Therefore, employment law encompasses all manner of unlawful discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, employment contracts and agreements, the Family Medical Leave Act, whistleblower law and a number of other employment and labor related issues and disputes. The laws governing these areas can be quite complex. Additionally, new laws are enacted and interpretations of established law occurs regularly. This is why the counsel of an experienced and knowledgeable employment law firm is important for navigating any legal issues covered in this broad and complicated field.

About Castronovo & McKinney, Manhattan Employment Attorneys

Your Manhattan employment attorney’s approach is a major factor in the outcome of your Manhattan case or claim, whether it’s an age discrimination claim, a whistleblower lawsuit, or any other employment law issue. When selecting your attorney, you should evaluate their experience, dedication and familiarity with your legal issue. At Castronovo & McKinney, you are assured of all of these qualities, as well as a personalized approach for each and every client we take on. We will listen to you carefully, and fully explain how the law applies to your specific circumstances. When litigation is appropriate, our firm possesses the skills and resources to accommodate even the most complicated cases. We enjoy a stellar reputation, and have been recognized by our peers as outstanding employment lawyers with nominations to various professional Lists.

Castronovo & McKinney, LLC’s New York Employment Lawyers are leading in the area of Labor and NYC Employment Law.  We practice in Manhattan and throughout the State of New York.  Our Manhattan employment attorneys handle all types of employment law cases on behalf of employees and individuals throughout New York State and New York City including: discrimination, harassment, overtime violations and whistleblower lawsuits. Our Manhattan Labor Attorneys also oversee the review and negotiation of severance agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and all other New York employment contracts.

We are proud that all of our Manhattan New York employment law attorneys have been recognized by their peers as being Super Lawyers, Super Lawyers Rising Stars and named to various Best Lawyers lists. We were named as an Employment Law Firm of the Year by Corporate Intl Magazine for 2010 and 2012, named AI Business Team Excellence Award for 2015 Employment Attorney of the Year in New Jersey and been included in the Top 40 under 40 Lawyers listing. Our Manhattan attorneys experience and skill will allow you to understand your Manhattan employment law concerns and give you the peace of mind.

Our Manhattan Employment Lawyers Handle the Following Types of Cases:

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers
New York Hostile Work Environment Lawyers
New York Discrimination Lawyers
New York Harassment Lawyers
New York Retaliation Lawyers
New York Severance Attorneys
New York Employment Agreement Lawyers
New York Unpaid Overtime Attorneys
New York Non-Compete Agreements Attorney
New York Whistleblower Lawyer

Our Manhattan Employment Lawyers handle all business disputes in New York City and New York State including:

Commercial Litigations
Representation of Companies in Audits by the Department of Labor
Training Supervisors and Employees
Creating and updating of Handbooks, Corporate Documents and Policies
Corporate Investigations into Allegations of Harassment and Discrimination

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