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Whistleblowers have the ability to recover billions of dollars in stolen public money for New York taxpayers. But these persons face potential retaliation from their employers and colleagues for exposing unchecked fraud, theft and other criminal activities At Castronovo & McKinney, we are proud to offer our legal services to these brave individuals. Our experienced Whistleblower lawyers can assist you if you’ve been retaliated against for exposing this type of activity by your employer, or provide legal guidance if you are considering doing so.

About Whistlebowers

A whistleblower is a person who provides information about illegal or fraudulent actions against the public or the government committed by federal contractors and corporations. Federal whistle blower laws allow these individuals to sue on behalf of the government and typically provide for monetary rewards when funds are recovered. State laws dealing with these issues usually focus more on protecting the whistleblower from retaliatory treatment than on monetary compensation.

About New York Laws

The New York State False Claims Act addresses a wide assortment of misconduct and fraud involving government entities in the state of New York. Under this act, a whistleblower may receive up to 30% of the funds recovered in a civil action, referred to as a qui tam lawsuit. Labor Law §740, known as the New York State Whistleblower Law, prohibits retaliatory actions against whistleblowers by private employers. Labor Law §741 extends certain protections to whistleblowers in the health care field for institutions like hospitals, nursing homes and mental health facilities. Additionally, Civil Service Law 75-b addresses retaliatory actions for whistleblowers in the public sector.

About Castronovo & McKinney, Employment Attorneys

The New York Whistleblower Lawyers of Castronovo & McKinney provide information and advice to whistleblowers in New York and skilled legal counsel for filing claims under the federal and state laws. The NY FCA is one of the strongest and most comprehensive laws of its kind, while Labor Law §740 has a very narrow reach. Our attorneys have the necessary knowledge and experience of these statutes and other applicable laws to assist you with your claim, and to ensure that you avail yourself of all the legal protections available to you.

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If you have inside knowledge of fraud against the government by your employer or about activities that violate the public trust, allow the knowledgeable New York Whistleblower Lawyers of Castronovo & McKinney to help you. We are prepared to provide you with valuable assistance in bringing these activities to lights, while preserving your rights. Call (646) 755-3781 in New York City today.