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At Castronovo & McKinney, our experienced New York Employment Agreements Lawyers have negotiated and drafted hundreds of New York employment agreements for both employers and employees. When you have been offered a position that includes a written contract detailing the specifics of your employment relationship, it is a smart decision to have a skilled and knowledgeable attorney review this agreement before signing the document. Protect your rights and ensure that you receive the most beneficial terms and conditions possible by retaining the service of Castronovo & McKinney.

About Employment Agreements

An employment agreement addresses any number of issues surrounding your job, including termination or separation from employment. This document details your job responsibilities, salary and compensation, length of employment, restrictive covenants and non-competition clauses, benefits and commission, binding arbitration clauses, issues and conflicts with at-will employment, grounds for your termination, and the severance pay and benefits you will be entitled to should your employment end. It is essential that your employment agreement fully address and spell out all contingencies. A carefully and competently crafted employment agreement helps prevents costly issues in the future.

About New York

Employment agreements are typically drafted to cover a finite period of time. However, in New York, there are specific instances where expired employment contracts may still be enforceable. This is referred to as implied renewal. Most often, this applies when the term of the original agreement is a full year, and the employer allows you to continue performing under the original agreement past the expiration date. An experienced employment agreement lawyer will take this and various other state specific laws into account when drafting your employment contract.

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When you retain the services of Castronovo & McKinney for your employment agreement needs, you are assured informed and experienced counsel that protects your rights and foresees potential problems and disputes. Our attorneys carefully review all the pertinent details and issues, and draft the instrument to deliver clear direction for all conceivable eventualities. We provide you with the respectful and professional attention you deserve, and offer skilled negotiation when necessary to ensure a contract that serves the needs of both employer and employee.

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