New York Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Our NYC Sexual Harassment Attorneys represent victims of sexually harassment throughout New York City. If you were sexually harassed in NYC at work, our NYC Sexual Harassment Attorneys can assist you filing a lawsuit against both the company and the individual. We handle NYC Sexual Harassment cases in New York City courts and New York Federal Courts. Protect your rights and contact our offices today.

It’s unlawful to harass a person based on that person’s sex. Harassment includes sexual harassment which includes unwelcome sexual advances, asking for sexual favors, and any physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature. Harassment is not always of a sexual nature and includes unwanted remarks about a person’s sex. Both the harasser and the victim can be either a man or a woman, and they can both be of the same sex.

New York and NYC Sexual Harassment Laws protect two types of sexual harassment: (1) quid pro quo sexual harassment; and (2) hostile work environment sexual harassment.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment in NYC

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment in New York is a request for sexual favors in return for benefits in the work place or in order to keep your job. This type of sexual harassment can lead to retaliation in the event that the victim does not give in to the sexual advances or requests. Our NYC Sexual Harassment Lawyers have been involved in cases where our clients were denied promotions, provided with undesirable shifts and fired as a result of refusing sexual advances of a supervisor.

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Hostile work environment sexual harassment occurs when a supervisor or co-worker makes frequent or extremely offensive sexual comments. The frequency of the sexual comments and the severity of the sexual harassment will determine whether there is a claim for hostile work environment sexual harassment in New York. The law does not prohibit teasing, off-hand comments, or isolated incidents but harassment is illegal when it becomes so frequent and/or severe that it creates a hostile work environment.

What Is A Hostile Work Environment?

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