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Our New York harassment lawyers are dedicated to aggressively pursuing your employment claims. Workplace harassment based on sex, race, or religion is against the law in New York state and includes both verbal and physical actions. New York Harassment Laws are intended to protect employees in the workplace from a Hostile Work Environment.  It is illegal for a co-worker or supervisor to harass you based on what the law calls a ‘protected characteristic’.

New York Workplace Harassment Laws include the protection of:

Sexual Harassment

It’s against the law to harass a person based on that person’s sex. Sexual harassment which includes sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, and physical action. It even covers verbal harassment of a sexual nature. Our New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers are assisting fellow New Yorkers with their employment claims.

Religious Harassment

Freedom of religion is a often considered to be a fundamental human right by many. That is definitely true here in New Jersey. With a large ethnic population employers need to educate and train their workers properly. As you can imagine not everyone acts in a professional manner to those of different religions. If you’ve been harassed as a result of your religious affiliation contact us to request a completely confidential consultation.

Racial Harassment

Discrimination in the form of racial harassment can be a serious problem in the workplace. You do not settle for being treated differently by your employer. This can often lead to a hostile work environment and cause problems for everyone in the workplace. If you or someone you love needs help, contact our office today.

We also deal with cases that involve:

Skin Color
Gender/Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Physical or Mental Disability

If a co-worker is abusing you based on one of these characteristics, you must report it to HR or a supervisor.  Otherwise, your employer will not be legally responsible.  However, if you are abused due to a protected trait by a supervisor, then your employer will most likely be responsible regardless if you report the abuse or not.

Most people think harassment in the workplace is mostly regarding sex. However harassment can be about nearly any personal trait and between anyone at the workplace whether that be supervisor or a client or anyone you meet or have a relationship with at work. Also, the plaintiff in the harassment suit need not be the just target of the alleged harassment. This behavior in the workplace can have an adverse affect on other people as well.

Workplace harassment can actually take place before you even get a job. During the interview process you should not be asked any questions at all concerning any of the aforementioned protected characteristics.

New York Harassment Lawyers

From Albany to New York City employees are protected under New York Harassment Laws. Often fear of retribution or retaliation overcome stepping forward and reporting an offense. Conversations with our lawyers and law professionals are completely confidential. We offer a no-hassle consultation and no charge.

New York harassment laws exist to protect employees from a hostile work environment. The New York Courts will focus on the conduct of the defendant to determine whether there is a claim for harassment and whether or not a hostile work environment existed.  New York’s Harassment Laws utilize a severe or pervasive standard for the harassment.  This means that the harassment must be very frequent or so severe that an average person would find it offensive and not willing to continue working through it.

If you are a victim of harassment in New York City or New York, please contact our New York Employment Lawyers for a free consultation.