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As a member of the workforce, pregnancy should not affect your right to perform your job, how you are treated, advancement possibilities or other conditions of your employment. Our New York Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers can help protect your rights. Regretfully, some employers still discriminate against pregnant women on the job. Fortunately, when you are an employee expecting a baby, you are legally afforded protection from discrimination based on your gender, your pregnancy, related medical conditions and childbirth. At Castronovo & McKinney in Manhattan, New York we provide supportive legal counsel to victims of pregnancy discrimination.

About Pregnancy Discrimination

The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act, established under Title VII, prohibits employers with at least 15 employees from discriminating against a woman due to a pregnancy or a pregnancy-related condition. This includes refusing to hire a woman, refusing to promote her, or firing or transferring her based upon her pregnancy. The employer must allow the worker to remain on the job for as long as she is able to perform the essential functions of her position and may not force her to take maternity leave. Additionally, if a pregnant worker experiences complications due to her pregnancy, she can qualify as temporarily disabled and is afforded the protections offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

About Pregnancy Discrimination in New York City

The New York City and State Human Rights Laws protect disabled workers from discrimination and identifies pregnancy as a disability. This compels an employer to offer the same reasonable accommodations provided to any other worker with a disability. The New York state law also prohibits mandatory maternity leave, and the city law provides for more remedies than those offered on the federal and state levels. Workers at companies with more than four employees are eligible for these protections under these laws.

New York Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers: About Castronovo & McKinney

The experienced attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney are dedicated to fair and equal treatment for women in the workplace. We believe women should not have to choose between a successful career and motherhood. If you have experienced discrimination because of your pregnancy, our lawyers will help you explore the legal avenues available to you and seek the compensation you are due. Even if you are no longer pregnant, we may still be able to file a claim. Our New York Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers are committed to protecting your rights.

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