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Society often takes a dim view of individuals with a criminal past, even if you have paid your debt to society and are working hard to make amends and start a new life with your efforts and actions. When you have a criminal record, attitudes, bias and misinformation often makes it extremely difficult for you to return to the job market. At Castronovo & McKinney, our NY Criminal Conviction Discrimination Lawyers hold a strong commitment to workplace equality and in safeguarding everyone’s right to fair treatment under the law. We believe your struggle to perform as a contributing member of society shouldn’t be further complicated due to the prejudice or uniformed actions of a potential or actual employer.

About Criminal Conviction Discrimination in NY

Criminal conviction discrimination is a form of employment discrimination against an individual who has been convicted of a crime. This is most common with job applicants, though both job candidates and employees are protected from this form of discrimination in New York. There is no federal law prohibiting employers from requesting information about your criminal background. However, they may not use this information to discriminate against you. This type of behavior by an employer has the potential of breaking other laws barring discrimination based on additional factors like national origin or race.

About New York Criminal Conviction Discrimination Law

New York law prohibits employment discrimination based on prior criminal convictions. An employer with at least four employees in our state may not deny you a position, treat you unfavorably, or do either of these things because he has determined you lack good moral character on the sole basis of a prior criminal conviction. Exceptions exist if there is a direct relationship between your job and the crime for which you were convicted, or if employing you would result in an unreasonable risk to property or to any person’s welfare or safety.

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The talented and highly skilled employment law attorneys of Castronovo & McKinney grace a number of lists identifying some of the best qualified lawyers in this field, such as inclusion among the New York Super Lawyer’s Rising Stars. Our attorneys possess the experience and qualifications to represent you in all areas of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. We offer skilled representation on both the state and federal level.

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