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Our New York Gender Discrimination Attorneys represent workers in New York City and statewide with gender and sex discrimination claims. This type of discrimination includes unequal treatment of pregnant employees and disproportionate pay rates, as well as more typical discriminatory treatment which is based on gender. If you or a family member is experiencing this unjust treatment, the nationally recognized employment law attorneys of Castronovo & McKinney possess the exemplary skills and expertise to protect your rights and fight for fair and equal treatment in your workplace.

About Gender Discrimination

State and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against you because of your gender. This takes many forms: perhaps you are denied advancement opportunities because your supervisor thinks as a woman you will be distracted by motherhood, or your boss fired you because you took maternity leave. Sometimes the discrimination takes a more subtle tone. Federal law in this area applies to businesses with at least 15 employees, while state and city law covers a wider base of companies; those with no less than four employees.

Sex and Gender in New York

In addition to sex and gender, the New York City Human Rights Law also recognizes gender identity as a protected class. The city law defines gender as actual sex, perceived sex, gender identity, appearance, self-image, and expression or behavior. It is not necessary that your outward appearance and identity be associated with the traditional view of the sex you were legally assigned at birth to be eligible for protection against discrimination. More than 30 percent of the complaints filed with the New York State Equal Employment Opportunity Commission contained a sex discrimination charge in 2012.

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At Castronovo & McKinney, our lawyers are highly regarded throughout the state of New York for our extensive work in the employment discrimination field. We have litigation experience on the state and federal level, and if you experience gender discrimination, we are prepared to provide you with aggressive and vigilant legal representation. We advise you of your rights and all the options available to you to ensure the most beneficial outcome possible for your case.

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