Retaliation Lawyers NYC | NY Retaliation Law

Our Retaliation Lawyers in NYC represent individuals and employees who suffered retaliation as a result of being a whistleblower, assisting in an investigation, or complaining about sexual harassment, discrimination, harassment or a violation of NY Retaliation Law.

NY Retaliation Law and New York City Retaliation Law make it illegal for an employer to retaliate against employee for any of the following: (1) if you disclose to a public body, or threaten to disclose, a violation of law or public policy; (2) if you testify against the employer or cooperate in any investigation; or (3) if you refuse to participate in activity that is illegal or is a violation of public policy.  All of these situations are illegal retaliation in New York.

If you report discrimination or harassment in the workplace in NY, it is illegal for your employer to fire, demote, suspend or take any adverse employment action against you.  These are clear examples of retaliation.  Our NYC Retaliation Lawyers can prove retaliation by demonstrating that the adverse employment action taken against you was a result of you reporting the illegal conduct.

Please contact our Retaliation Lawyers, NYC if you feel that you have suffered retaliation for complaining about harassment, discrimination or any other protected activity.  Our NYC Retaliation Lawyers will provide you with a free consultation to determine whether you have an actionable claim of retaliation based on NY Retaliation Law.