Racial Discrimination in the New York Workplace | NYC Race Discrimination Lawyers


NYC Race Discrimination Lawyers: Despite the progress our country has made in terms of equality and social acceptance of all races, creeds and religions, discrimination still occurs on a daily basis in New York.

Oftentimes, racial discrimination is happening in the workplace without people even being aware that it has occurred. Over 80% of all discrimination lawsuits in New York are employment discrimination cases.

To purposely hold back, penalize, or deny opportunity to a person, based on their race or ethnicity is illegal and is punishable by law. However, those guilty of such discrimination are not usually overt or truthful in their actions, which can make it difficult to recognize and even harder to prosecute. Our skilled NYC Race Discrimination Lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney, LLC can work with you to pinpoint exactly what actions are illegal and can help you bring those guilty of discrimination to justice.

How do I know if I was discriminated against?
It can be difficult to tell you were discriminated against based on your race. When workplace discrimination happens, an employer is not likely to come right out and say you were denied the position or promotion because of your race. Therefore, it is important to observe how others of different races are treated by the same company or individual.

If you believe you were not hired for a position based on your race, take some time to note who was hired in your place. What race was your interviewer? Who was hired for the same position? What race are the other employees you observed during your interview? What were the hired candidate’s qualifications compared to yours? If you can show that the company habitually hires some, but not others based on race, that is discrimination in the workplace.

Racial discrimination can also occur within a company even if you are a paid employee. If you see patterns of promotions and pay increases that do not apply to all equally, that can be discrimination, too.

What law makes discrimination a crime?
In the state of New York, Executive Law, Article 15, otherwise known as the New York State Human Rights Law, states that discrimination based on race, including skin color, nationality, or ethnicity is prohibited. In addition, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and many other classifications are protected under this law.

In cases of workplace discrimination, the law applies to any employer or company with at least four or more employees, including any agencies, labor organizations, and training programs. If you believe you were discriminated against in the workplace, you have up to one year from the time of the event to file a complaint against your employer.

If discrimination did, in fact, occur, you want the best legal team on your side. The New York discrimination attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney are the best. Recognized by their peers as NY State Super Lawyers, they will help you build your case and fight for equality.