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Age discrimination is unjust, unlawful and just downright wrong. After being a productive member of the workforce for decades, you should be valued for your contributions, experience, knowledge and dedication. Instead, you are treated with scorn and disrespect, your self-worth is attacked, and your livelihood threatened. At Castronovo & McKinney, our New York Age Discrimination Lawyers don’t tolerate this travesty, and we are committed to ensuring you and other employees suffering from this form of discrimination get justice and receive the compensation your deserve.

What is Age Discrimination in New York?

Both state and federal law prohibits age discrimination. It applies to employees age 40 and older. There are a number of ways that an older workers may experience discrimination. Some employers refuse to hire older employees. Others treat their older workers disparately by paying older employees less than their younger workers for the same job, or refusing to offer you benefits because of your age. Another common practice is the layoff of a much larger number of older employees than younger ones, or firing individual older employees due to prejudicial stereotypes about the worker’s ability to continue performing his job well due to advanced age. These assumptions and bias also sometimes lead to a hostile work environment, where supervisors and co-workers are permitted to harass, tease and mock older workers, treating them with contempt and derision due to their age.

Age discrimination is illegal in New York. It’s protected by several statutes, and is one of the protected categories under the anti-discrimination statute.

Examples of adverse age-based employment actions:

Hiring decisions- a company refuses to hire applicants that look older than their workforce to maintain a youthful corporate image.
Firing decisions- an employer downsizes, and lays off staff with the most seniority first to reduce payroll expenses.
Promotion opportunity- an overt trend of younger employees receiving raises and promotions over well-deserving veteran employees.
Training- an employer denies older workers the ability to attend corporate training which hinders job growth for those employees.

If you’re over the age of 40, and believe you’ve been subject to an adverse employment action based upon your age ie a demotion or termination you may be the victim of age discrimination. You should immediately make a formal written complaint to your company and contact attorney.

New York Age Discrimination Law

The New York State Human Rights Law is governing law on the state level in age discrimination claims throughout New York. It applies to New York companies with at least four employees. NJSHRL protects workers over 40 from discriminatory treatment in hiring, termination, layoffs, benefits, compensation, job assignments and training opportunities. Exceptions exist if age is a genuine qualification for the job position.

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The New York Age Discrimination lawyers of Castronovo & McKinney are passionate about standing up for the rights of hardworking older employees. We work tirelessly to fight injustice in employment, and we will work diligently to attain just compensation for the harm you have suffered. We guide you through the complexities of an age discrimination claim, ensuring you meet all the requirements for internal and administrative reporting. Should your case move forward to civil litigation, our experienced trial attorneys are strong advocates to have on your side. Our lawyers have been included in the New York Super Lawyer’s Rising Star List, as well as a number of other Best Lawyers lists.

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