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Our NYC Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers have reviewed numerous NY Non-Compete Agreements in based on New York Non-Compete Law.

NYC Non-Compete Agreements are enforceable under the law.  Our NYC Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers can assist you in evaluating your non-compete either before or after you have signed the NY non-compete agreement.  We prefer that you allow us to review it before it is signed so that we can help protect you in the event that your employment terminated.  However, we have been successful in limiting or reducing the terms/length of the non-compete after employees have terminated the employment relationship.

Our NYC Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers can also help you challenge the non-compete in court or to defend against your employer’s attempt to enforce the non-compete in either NY state or federal court.

A NY Non-Compete Agreement may prohibit you from taking your clients and customers with you when you leave the company.  It can also stop you from asking any your fellow employees to join you in a new business venture.  It may also prevent you from ever using any of the information that you gained while working for the company.

A NY Non-Compete Agreement is different than a typical contract and are handled accordingly by the New York Non-Compete Law.  A NY Non-Compete Agreement prevents employees from competing, thus prevents commerce, competition and free trade.  For these reasons, the New York courts disfavor non-compete agreements and, therefore, require that they be limited to only protect the proprietary and trade secret information of the employer.  The non-compete agreement must also be limited in time and geographic scope.

Our NYC Non-Compete Agreement lawyers will conduct a comprehensive review and legal analysis of your non-compete agreement.  We will discuss the weaknesses and strength of the agreements and various ways that the non-compete agreement can be challenged.  We will also strategize about certain jobs that you can perform without violating the non-compete agreement.

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