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Reverse discrimination is a legitimate issue. Perhaps you’re a man who has been denied family leave to nurture a newborn, even though female employees have been granted this leave for the same purpose. Maybe you didn’t receive a job because you’re a U.S. citizen and the potential employer prefers non-citizens. If you have experienced this kind of treatment in New York, the NYC Reverse Discrimination lawyers of Castronovo & McKinney are qualified to assess your claim and assist you in pursuing it.

Reverse Discrimination in NY

Reverse discrimination in the workplace is unfair treatment of classes that have historically been privileged, Caucasian men for example. To prove a reverse discrimination case as an employee, you must show that your employer’s adverse actions were motivated by a genuine unfair basis, like sex or race. You may provide direct evidence that you are a member of a protected class and other employees receive better treatment than you. Alternatively, you can provide indirect evidence that demonstrates your employer discriminates against classes that have historically been privileged, and although you perform your job well, you have been the victim of discriminatory treatment on the job.

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The Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits discrimination against employees older than 40. However, it does not protect younger workers from age discrimination. Therefore, reverse age discrimination is allowed under federal law. On the other hand, the New York City and New York State Human Rights Laws address discrimination against anyone over 18 years of age. These state and city laws ban reverse age discrimination.

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Reverse discrimination is a complicated and difficult issue. The legal acumen of a talented employment discrimination lawyer is invaluable in proving your claim. At Castronovo & McKinney, we are committed to the elimination of reverse discrimination in the workplace. Our attorneys have the expertise and resources to litigate these complex cases with skill and creativity.

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