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Are your being subjected to discrimination at your place of employment in Brooklyn, New York? Are you fighting to receive overtime pay or experiencing a dispute with your employer over wages? Do you need a Brooklyn Employment Lawyer to negotiate your severance agreement? Castronovo & McKinney may be the solution you are looking for. Our Brooklyn Employment Lawyers are accomplished in all areas of employment law and we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the employees we represent.

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In light of the many disreputable and unjust activities that occur in the workplace, you may be surprised to learn of the numerous laws and regulations that prohibit these behaviors. Oftentimes, this unlawful activity is overlooked due to fear of reprisal, embarrassment, reluctance to make waves, or simply being uninformed of the legal protections in place. This is frequently the case in instances of harassment, discrimination or a hostile work environment. For those with some knowledge of employment law, this is typically the area with which they are familiar. Additionally, this legal area covers whistleblower laws, employment contracts, wage disputes, FMLA, and numerous other employer-employee transactions. An effective and experienced employment lawyer can guide you through these complex and difficult issues when you have questions and believe your employer has violated your rights.

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The Brooklyn, NY employment law attorneys of Castronovo & McKinney have successfully assisted employees throughout New York with their employment law issues for a number of years. Our experience has taught us more than just legal maneuvers and strategies. We have compassion and understanding for our clients’ predicaments. We know how stressful it is for you to deal with uncertainty, discrimination and adverse treatment on the job day in and day out, and realize that you may be worried about the consequence of challenging your employer for unjust treatment. We do our best to allay your fears by explaining the legal protections available to you. We offer guidance, counsel and solutions for the issues you are experiencing. We believe in teamwork, and you are an integral part of the process. We listen first and then take action to resolve the matter.

Castronovo & McKinney, LLC’s New York Employment Lawyers are leading in the area of Labor and NYC Employment Law.  We practice in Brooklyn and throughout the State of New York.  Our Brooklyn employment attorneys handle all types of employment law cases on behalf of employees and individuals throughout New York State and New York City including: discrimination, harassment, overtime violations and whistleblower lawsuits. Our Brooklyn Labor Attorneys also oversee the review and negotiation of severance agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and all other New York employment contracts.

We are proud that all of our Brooklyn New York employment law attorneys have been recognized by their peers as being Super Lawyers, Super Lawyers Rising Stars and named to various Best Lawyers lists. We were named as an Employment Law Firm of the Year by Corporate Intl Magazine for 2010 and 2012, named AI Business Team Excellence Award for 2015 Employment Attorney of the Year in New Jersey and been included in the Top 40 under 40 Lawyers listing. Our Brooklyn attorneys experience and skill will allow you to understand your Brooklyn employment law concerns and give you the peace of mind.

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