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New York Discrimination LawyersOur New York Discrimination Lawyers focus is on discrimination cases based in New York City and throughout New York. We will assist you in analyzing your potential lawsuit based upon New York Discrimination Laws and federal laws concerning discrimination. We will determine which discrimination laws are applicable in New York, and will provide you with the maximum outcome and highest likelihood of success.

Our office located at 228 Park Ave South #80990 New York, NY 10003. Our NY Discrimination Attorneys have expertise in cases involving gender discrimination, race discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, reverse discrimination, perceived sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, criminal conviction discrimination, and cases involving various other forms of discrimination protected by a New York Law.

Discrimination Representation in New York

Discrimination occurs in all types of environments. However, our NY Discrimination Attorneys only handle discrimination cases involving the workplace. Discrimination in the workplace can be difficult to prove because the employer usually does not provide an explanation – let alone a truthful one – explaining the reason for the termination.  One of the best approaches we often take is to prove that unlawful acts may have played a role in your termination and evaluate how other employees who were not part of the protected class were treated.  For example, age discrimination can be established by showing younger employees committed the same types of mistakes that the employer used to justify your termination and they were never terminated or even written up.

Our NY Discrimination Attorneys represent individuals who were terminated, denied promotions, had their pay or bonus reduce, were denied certain benefits, or suffered other types of adverse employment actions.  We also assist employees who were wrongfully discharged, were the subject of discriminatory comments and were wrongly included in reductions in force.

If you were discriminated against in New York City or New York State, please call us for a free and confidential consultation.

New York Discrimination Lawyers : New York Discrimination & Wrongful Termination

NY Protected Charaterisitcs

Protected Characteristics

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee’s termination is in violation of law, public policy, contract, or other legal authority. Most New York employees are considered “at will” employees. This means an employer can terminate an “at will” employee at their discretion; for no reason, any reason, except an illegal reason. An example of an illegal reason would be unlawful retaliation, unlawful discrimination, breach of contract, or a violation of other legal authorities such as The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which generally guarantees reinstatement after a certain period of leave.

An example of unlawful discrimination would be where an employee is terminated because of a “protected characteristic” such as race, religion, national origin, age, or religion. These characteristics are “protected” meaning they cannot be a basis for termination. Even when “at will” employees are terminated because one of these characteristics it would be considered unlawful or illegal.

An example of unlawful retaliation would be if an employee files a lawsuit to cover overtime wages and because of this action the employer files a report on, fires or terminates the employee. The filing of the overtime lawsuit is considered a “protected activity” under certain laws such as The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and the termination of the employee because of their engagement in this particular activity would be illegal.

New York Protected Activities

Protected Activities

All forms of discrimination and retaliation are not unlawful. The only types of discrimination and retaliation that are unlawful are those which are specifically enumerated or specified as “protected”. The first consideration an employee should determine is whether they are being acted against because of their engagement in a “protected activity”, or because of a “protected characteristic”. The law protects characteristics such as age, religion, national origin, race, gender, etc. That being said, characteristics other than these for a basis of termination may not be deemed unlawful. Filing a lawsuit to recover lost wages, opposing discrimination, or filing a charge of discrimination would be considered “protected activities”. Only employment terminations based on actions enumerated as “protected activities” would render a termination unlawful.

Discrimination in the NY Workplace

Victims of workplace discrimination in New York should consult with experienced NY discrimination attorneys. The law firm of Castronovo & McKinney specializes in handling cases that involve Workplace Discrimination. We have successfully represented many victims of workplace discrimination & harassment. Our New York Discrimination  Lawyers handle cases related to sexual harassment, prejudice, bullying and other workplace violations. If you, or someone you know has become a victim of workplace discrimination, consult with our representatives. Even if you are only a witness to the discrimination, it is important you protect yourself. Witnesses who do not provide information concerning the case, may be held accountable for the discriminatory actions of the violator. Hiring an attorney experienced in workplace law is the only way to protect your rights and see that justice is served to those who deserve it. Victims and witnesses to another person being victimized, should seek the guidance of our New York Discrimination Lawyers.

At Castronovo and McKinney, we help both victims and witnesses get the representation they need to file a claim and protect their rights. Our team of lawyers are familiar with defending cases concerning workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge and other employment law violations. Our employment lawyers help victims build their cases and make claims in court. If you think you have become a victim or a witness of a potential employment discrimination law case, schedule a free consultation with our lawyers. During the consultation, we will determine your case and help you begin the claims process.

New York Discrimination Lawyers : Protecting the Right of New York Employees

For those who are living in New York and need an experienced New York Discrimination Lawyer, Castronovo and McKinney may be able to help. We have employment discrimination attorneys that victims can trust. Victims have chosen our attorneys to represent them in a variety of cases including those involving sexual harassment, bullying, unpaid wages and whistle-blower violations. Our law firm offers quality customer service and thorough legal representation for victims. If you would like to be contacted by a lawyer from Castronovo and McKinney, fill out our free consultation request form. By contacting our New York Discrimination Lawyers, you are taking an important step in protecting your rights!